Brendan Rothwell

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New album ** Sentiment ** Global release 2/14/2019

Following the success of his debut recording, Brendan takes a step up with the release of Sentiment (Independent. Global release 02/14/2019). With 11 tracks of bass-focused contemporary jazz, this album displays a unique and genuine identity. On this entirely solo recording, Brendan once again optimizes the tone, scale, feeling and musicality of the bass, bringing it to the foreground as a lead instrument to develop meaning and depth.

Sentiment will be available on CD from CD Baby, and download from iTunes, Amazon, Google…

You can purchase a signed copy of the CD by directly emailing Brendan through the contact page.

Review of "Time On My Hands" from SCORP Radio Network.

Brendan Rothwell’s “Time On My Hands” is  a rich blend of smooth, melodic grooves with a great inclusion of Funk & Soul.

On some bass albums, you hear similar bass lines and styles with little heart and soul added: not the case at all where Brendan Rothwell is concerned.

You can definitely hear his soul being poured out in every note and every song on this fabulous CD.

My favorite has to be “This Is the Love”, the first single release from the CD.  Such a funky track (Brendan’s strong bass licks on this single are amazing) yet smooth and easy at the same time. The addition of vocals on “This Is the Love”, give it even more of a sexy groove.

I definitely recommend everyone add Brendan’s “Time On My Hands”, to their Jazz collection. A must-have!

Paulette Jackson

Founder/CEO, SCORP Radio Network