Brendan Rothwell

Instrumental in the Art and Business of Music

Brendan Rothwell is an accomplished Canadian bassist, composer, and producer. He believes in bucking the trend of the bass being in the background, preferring to optimize the tone, scale, feeling and musicality of the instrument. His playing demonstrates meaning and depth.

Brendan describes the 1986 album from Miles Davis, “Tutu”, featuring the great Marcus Miller, as the trigger and driving force for his decision to play the bass.

The art of business and leadership is inextricably linked in all of Brendan’s projects, and he firmly believes in applying a business mindset to the industry of music.

Brendan's work has featured in global radio shows, podcasts, and high-end online music publications. 

August 2017 brought positive news from Brendan’s home town with nominations in two categories of the YYC Music Awards. “Time On My Hands” is nominated in the category of Jazz Recording of the Year. The first single from the album - “This Is The Love” - is nominated and wins in the category of The People’s Choice Award.

Online Artist Interview.


Introducing the debut album: “Time On My Hands”

In his debut album, Brendan brings to life the voice and melodic qualities of the bass, both acoustic and electric, refusing to remain only in the foundation and shadows of a track. The depth of musical theory, content and detail that has gone into this work is evident.

Brendan’s ability to tell different stories with the instrument is clear, particularly in the album’s title track, inspired by the province and country he now proudly calls his adoptive home. The addition of spoken word in the final track evokes a conversation between voice and bass that is unique, ultimately closing out the album and laying the bass to rest after 7 tracks of melody, funk and energy. This album is a work that is dedicated to key influencers in Brendan’s life. People to whom he is deeply thankful and for whom he has lasting respect.

“This Is The Love”, the first single from the album, was released in March 2017 to positive global acclaim. Within the first few weeks of airplay, this debut single achieved strong results across the primary smooth jazz charts, setting the foundation for Brendan’s musical brand: Global Top 50 #6 / Indie #2 / Radar #4 / Groove Jazz Music Top 30 #18 / Radiowave Monitor Top 40 #4 / Mediabase Smooth Jazz Top 50 #36 / Smooth Jazz Network Top 50 #45 / TheMothFM (The Official British Smooth Jazz Charts) Top 20 #5