Brendan Rothwell

Instrumental in the Art and Business of Music


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Brendan Rothwell is an accomplished bassist, composer, and producer. Originally from the UK, Brendan has been based in Calgary, AB, Canada since 2005. This Is the Love, from Brendan’s debut recording Time On My Hands (Independent, 2016), secured him placement on several of the global “Best of 2017” contemporary jazz charts, alongside winning “The People’s Choice” in Calgary’s 2017 YYC Music Awards.

Following the success of his debut recording, Brendan takes a step up with the release of Sentiment (Independent. Global release 02/14/2019). With 11 tracks of bass-focused contemporary jazz, this album displays a unique and genuine identity. On this entirely solo recording, Brendan once again optimizes the tone, scale, feeling and musicality of the bass, bringing it to the foreground as a lead instrument to develop meaning and depth.

Brendan describes the 1986 album from Miles Davis,“Tutu”, featuring the great Marcus Miller, as the trigger and driving force for his decision to play the bass. The art of business and leadership is inextricably linked in all of Brendan’s projects, and he firmly believes in applying a business mindset to the industry of music.

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“I knew the moment I first heard him that Brendan was the real deal. 

Crystal clear, concise, and dead-on-it!” 

Cliff Gorov. Partner, Gorov Music Marketing.

“His warm articulation of the bass, connected to the passion in his melodies,

makes Brendan’s sound essential in today’s smooth, contemporary music.” 

Sandy Shore. CEO & Founder,  

“While his soulful, funky fluidity often brings to mind the coolness

of the late Wayman Tisdale, there’s also an atmospheric, trippy, and

mystical exploratory vibe influenced by Marcus Miller’s slow simmering fusion style.

Fans of Stanley Clarke and Brian Bromberg will be fully engaged as well!” 

Jonathan Widran.  

“A fantastic discovery and highly recommended!” 

Richard Edwards. Smooth Grooves Radio.  

  • Time  On My Hands/This Is The Love

  • Year End Top 50 Album Chart 2017

  • 96.9 The Oasis Top 100 Indie Songs of 2017 & 2018

  • Groove Jazz Music Top 100 of 2017